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See: mapit procuedure and the rebind grid procedure always need to match, but later with the pager sql we're going to have to change this too! So new pager: Try my SQL as stated below that grabs the data (w/ ID as the last of the ORDER BY clause; thus using the ID from the previous page +1 to the page count increment to the last to display on the page, the page size (e.g. 10) so 10 times (10 row increment) to grab this last incremented ID to know where to have the new page sql...ID > (ID of row 1 of page) AND ID < (ID of row 10 of page)...this translated to sql where clause. Maybe also have user able to select row and show that plot in a differ color? See: for: 1. set page size for the grid 2. export options 3. select datasets to query(e.g. Webster and Natural reserve???). 4. other fields to display, like additional data map canvas was: 725px by 450px